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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-08fix IFAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Add ls_strerrorAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-29Make tokens even cheaperAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-29Make keyword/operator checks cheaper and simplerAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-29OPER should be namespaced tooAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-28Implement WHILE/WENDAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Misc changes (sorry)Alexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Use underscore prefix for 'private' membersAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Get rid of 'ctx' termAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Stop tracking line numbersAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Implement GOSUB/RETURN (without arguments for now)Alexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Implement END and ctx.stopAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Fix ls_run catching fire on string labelsAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Add line trace (tron/troff)Alexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Enable more warnings and then clean them upAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Clean up the shitty todo list 🧹💩Alexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Pull out ls_lexAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-27Some optimizationsAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-25Add token dumperAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-25ls_run cleanupsAlexis Lockwood
2021-06-24Add ls_run to run a script locallyAlexis Lockwood