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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-18Implement nullary ops, fix op flag field overflowAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-18Trig functionsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-18initial floating point supportAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-09Prepare for adding more typesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Add bitshift operatorsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Implement ON...GOTO and ON...GOSUBAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08fix IFAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-05Add keyword flags; use for op decode and non-executablesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Split up LS_SYNTAX_ERROR a bitAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Clear up some TODOs - many were just removedAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03hm, is this cleaner?Alexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Get rid of some 'unreachable' placeholdersAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Bit of style cleanupAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Add lib/ and include/Alexis Lockwood