AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-18Update readmeHEADtrunkAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-18Implement nullary ops, fix op flag field overflowAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-18Trig functionsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-18initial floating point supportAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-09Ignore the generated filesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-09IF..GOTO was broken recently...fixedAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-09Prepare for adding more typesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Readme editsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Add bitshift operatorsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Make keyword functions accessibleAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Always throw valid errorsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Implement ON...GOTO and ON...GOSUBAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08Remove a debug printAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08shit i broke the testsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08shit i broke the number parserAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-08fix IFAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-05Make GOSUB/RETURN properly non-scanning (needs testing!)Alexis Lockwood
2021-07-05Add keyword flags; use for op decode and non-executablesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Split up LS_SYNTAX_ERROR a bitAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Add ls_strerrorAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04contrib noteAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Add IF...THEN. ELSE is still to be implementedAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Factor out ls_exec_statement()Alexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Refactor moreAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Factor out a ls_label_cache.hAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Clear up some TODOs - many were just removedAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-04Style improvementsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03hm, is this cleaner?Alexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Get rid of some 'unreachable' placeholdersAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Bit of style cleanupAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03lintAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Add lib/ and include/Alexis Lockwood
2021-07-03god this warning was irritating as shitAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Clean up the fetch interfaceAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Since 0x7F is now whitespace, don't check for errorAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03Simplify expressionAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03make the character classifier smaller for funsiesAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-03${RM} doesn't work on BSD makeAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02Redundant rm -fAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02hot take y'all globals can be okAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02ls_minify: reversible ident minificationAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02ls_minify: fix incorrect minification of long identsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02ls_minify: merge some codeAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-02makefile tidyingAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01Cleaner ident minifierAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01readme and minor fixes if you use billions of identsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01Add option to minimize identifiersAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01Remove extra commentAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01Pull out loop implementationsAlexis Lockwood
2021-07-01notesAlexis Lockwood