AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-25debug24_fw: large packets for lower overheadtrunkAlexis Lockwood
2022-04-25avl68kdb: improve reliability and speedAlexis Lockwood
2022-04-24db: make COBS actually workAlexis Lockwood
2022-04-24fw: make COBS actually workAlexis Lockwood
2022-04-24avl68kdb: COBS (currently disabled)Alexis Lockwood
2022-04-24COBS needs to use 8N1Alexis Lockwood
2022-04-24Add untested COBS modeAlexis Lockwood
2022-04-24Fix a typoAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Some TODO list stuffAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Combine redundant include dirsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Move the kernel page allocatorAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Add pthread_mutex and make malloc use itAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20malloc now uses PALLOC syscallAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Static kernel thread to support pre-sched syscallsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Start building atomic primsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-20Make malloc work in processesAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-19Expose process struct to the userAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-19procmm is workingAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-19Fix some warningsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-19start building procmmAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-16Check pointers in syscallsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-16Fix rev 2 MPUAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-16IO subsystem beginningsAlexis Lockwood
2022-02-16Export objects properlyAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-29fltoAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-29Debug24_fw: Working again...Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-29ReorgAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-29stuffAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-29Debug24 fw: rev 2 changes - brokenAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-29OAK: changes for rev2Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-29BASIL: rev 06Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-29ASH: modifications for rev 2Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-29Debug24 r2 as builtAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-18Reorg schedulerAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-18Implement reloc 5Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-17Some more tidyingAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-17Some task tidy-upsAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-16Fix A6_KSTACK_ENDAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-16Slight shuffleAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-16Major task work, change nameAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-04BASIL r05: faster DTACKAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03CEDAR r04: further simplificationAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03Some MPU test code, some of it will be removedAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03Clean up ASH datasheet typoAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03CEDAR real r03, simplify a little moreAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03OAK r06: several improvementsAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03OAK: remove extra files and fix openocd_cmd.shAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03OAK r5: simpler MPU designAlexis Lockwood
2022-01-03CEDAR r03Alexis Lockwood
2022-01-03CEDAR r02: MPT access decode fixAlexis Lockwood